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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How Much Does Your Image Count?

When readers stand in a store, looking at books written by authors they don't know,
they pick up the books that LOOK good. It's the book covers that catch their eye and invoke some reaction from them that cause them to pick up a book to investigate further. If they open it and read a little, it's the writing that will draw them in, but rarely will anyone pick up a book whose cover didn't speak to them.
I believe that holds true for ebooks as well. 50 well known bloggers can link to your book,
but if the cover doesn't look professional, potential readers will assume that the writing isn't either.

So, we agree that The Cover Counts, right?
What's the next step? 

Let's talk about your book, about your graphic design needs,
and what tools I can provide for you to help make your book look as professional as possible.

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